Terms of service

General conditions

The order submitted by the Customer is a purchase and sale agreement between YOLO and the Customer. The agreement has entered into force when YOLO starts to fulfill the order. YOLO has the right to cancel the order by informing the Customer.

Goods will be available as long as the goods continue. YOLO has the right to withdraw from the contract if the ordered goods cannot be delivered due to the end of the goods. YOLO informs the Customer about the withdrawal from the contract as soon as possible, either by phone, e-mail or post. If the Customer has already paid for the ordered goods, YOLO will refund the purchase price immediately, but no later than within 14 days.



All prices include 22% VAT. If you choose a courier or parcel machine service, the transport price will be added to the prices, which will be calculated in your shopping cart.

If the price of the product has been entered incorrectly by YOLO, YOLO is obliged to inform the customer before or after placing the customer's order. If YOLO and the Customer do not reach an agreement on a new price, YOLO has the right to cancel the order and return the amount paid for the order.


Execution and payment of the order

The customer has the opportunity to complete the purchase as follows:

1) Place an order in the online store via the electronic order form on the portal www.yolo.ee

2) call the telephone: (+372) 53 72 3777

3) send the application to the e-mail info@yolo.ee


To place an order through the portal, proceed as follows:


Your cart will be created the moment you click the "Add to cart" button next to the product.

You can also change the quantity of the product in the shopping cart. To make a purchase, press the "Pay" button, then you will be directed to the ordering page.

On the ordering page, you can log in with an existing user (e-mail, facebook, twitter), register as a user or place an order as a guest.

Then enter the required personal data and press the "Continue" button.

Next, you can check your shopping cart and use a coupon and gift card, if available. Click the "Continue" button.

After that you can select the appropriate delivery method and parcel machine, press "Continue".

Then you can check the contents of your shopping cart for the last time, which indicates the selected products and the delivery method with the final amount, press "Continue".

Finally, you have the option to choose between different payment methods:

1) on the basis of a payment order from the site www.purcosmeetics.ee directly via the Internet bank link (bank links are provided by Maksekeskus AS and the currency (€) in which payments are accepted). Our company forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS;

2) on the basis of the invoice by bank transfer to the Seller's account: SEB a / a EE931010220077344019, the Seller forwards the invoice to the Customer via the electronic order form on the portal www.yolo.ee or forwards to the e-mail address provided by the Customer.

The Customer is given 3 days after sending the invoice by the Seller to pay the invoice. The Seller will complete the order if the Customer has paid the invoice for the goods and shipping costs on the basis of the invoice submitted by the Seller. If the customer does not pay the invoice within the prescribed period, the invoice and the order will be canceled automatically.

After the Customer has prepared the order, a "Notice of receipt of the order" will be sent to the Customer, which will provide information that the Seller has received the order.

After the verification of the order data received by the Seller, the "Order Confirmation" will be sent to the Customer by phone or e-mail, which means that the Seller has started to fulfill the order.


The order will be fulfilled no later than within 7 working days from the Buyer's order, depending on the stock and availability of the goods. In the absence of the ordered goods, the time for fulfilling the order may be extended, the Customer shall be notified in advance by e-mail or telephone.


Consumer liability

Products must be handled with care without the use of force.

To remove the plastic covers, place the phone on its side and slide it at the corners. YOLO is not responsible for the breakage of plastic casings.

To remove the silicone cases, the cover must be removed from the corner. It is forbidden to remove the sticker from the silicone covers - the words "do not remove the sticker" are written on it.

The case must not be washed, it can only be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Excessive exposure to heat or direct sunlight may distort the color of the product.

When using film / glass, avoid sharp objects between the film / glass and the screen to prevent me from getting caught.

When removing the cable from the phone, hold the end of the cable, not the cord.


Cancelling orders and returning products

The customer has the right to cancel the order if the product has been paid for but the product has not yet been delivered. To do this, send a corresponding letter to the e-mail address www.yolo.ee: info@yolo.ee with the invoice number and current account number, or call www.yolo.ee contact phone +372 53 72 3777.

YOLO has the right to cancel the order and the invoice if the Customer has not paid the invoice within 3 days from the issuance of the invoice.

In case of order cancellation, the amount paid for the purchase (including transport costs) will be returned to the Customer's bank account as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days from the time the order is canceled.


After receiving the product, the Customer has the right to return or exchange the ordered product within 14 days without giving a reason. To do this, contact info@yolo.ee

The Customer has the right to return the product under the following conditions:

1) The product is not damaged. The goods have been tested to ensure their suitability or unsuitability.

2) The returned product must be in the original packaging and in the same complexity as at the time of delivery to the Customer.

3) The protective films attached to the goods, which are intended to protect the condition of the goods, must not be removed upon return.

If the original packaging of the goods has been damaged or if the product returned within 14 days is not in a condition analogous to new similar goods, YOLO has the right to unilaterally deduct the compensation corresponding to the decrease in the value of the goods from the amount to be returned to the Customer. Compensation shall be determined accordingly to the extent of the decrease in the value of the returned goods, of which the Customer shall be notified as soon as possible.


Time of claim

The time for submitting a claim is 24 months. If the defect in the product occurs within 6 months after the purchase of the product, it is assumed that it already occurred at the time of purchase of the product, unless YOLO proves otherwise.

After 6 months from the purchase of the goods, the Customer must prove that it is a defective product and not a defect caused by the Consumer's own misuse. The customer must arrange the expert examination himself and send the expert report prepared as a result to YOLO. YOLO has the right to disagree with the conclusion of the expert report and to organize another expert opinion, the costs of which are initially covered by itself.

Please submit the respective claims to the YOLO e-mail info@yolo.ee with the following information: date of purchase, receipt number, description of the defect with a few pictures and the desired solution.

Complaint solutions can be product repurchase, exchange or repair.